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COV Temporary Virus Mitigation Measure – as of May 8, 2020
COV is currently accepting Veteran candidates for residency. However, candidate requests, must be submitted by a locked down facility. The facility must provide documentation of the Veterans spending 4 days in the locked down facility, with a negative test for the virus. The Veteran must then transport directly from facility to facility.

We believe…NO Veteran Should Ever Feel They Are Alone

The Circle of Veterans and Families, Inc. (COV) is a 501c3 Charitable Organization located at Circle V Ranch, a beautiful 10 acre roaming ranch in Dade City/Lacoochee, Pasco County, Florida. The ranch is uniquely modified to create a transition space for education, relaxing, rejuvenating and most of all connecting. Our doors are open when needed, for an hour, a day or as a resident during the Veteran’s transition. We are here to support Veterans and do our part in ending Veteran suicide and Homelessness.



At The Circle of Veterans (COV) we restore a sense of hope through a variety of methods including but not limited to: case management, alternative therapies, camaraderie and peer mentoring. We are an organization founded by a Veteran and run by Veterans for Veterans.


When Veterans enter the military, they are taught from day one to work as a cohesive team, a unit, a family. Upon separation from service and in many cases prior to separation, these same service members re-enter the world having only themselves, having lost their mission, focus, and most importantly the military family that helped define them. COV provides opportunities for peer to peer support to re-create the bond the service member formerly had. COV together and with other VA and privately funded entities offers Vocational Rehab and other alternative employment opportunities, to re-focus the resident’s sense of purpose.


From day one COV residents are connected with Supportive Services for Veterans and Families (SSVF) programs as well as HUD VASH Counselors for Department of Housing and Urban Development programs, to start their journey to long term healthy living either returning to their families, or living independently, and knowing they will always have a home and family at the COV Ranch. This not only provides comfort but a great deal of security to our Veterans in need.

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